How reached 1000 visitor daily in 45 days.

Hey everyone who owns a website like to make more visitors to their website to make use of the purpose of the website , is a deals and coupons website providing the latest updates on the coupons from different online ecommerce and Booking companies.


Basically last 60 days was an aggressive approach to get more visitors to our website ,so as a team we had a always more brainstorming discussion in implementing more innovative ideas.Our approach was a mathametical approach to bring maximum users to the website and get accounted with quantity approach.

Here we list down the approach followed by us to make the user attracted to our website.


We created a facebook account and a fan Page to showcase on our daily coupons and deals update in the facebook page. We gave ads of 1000 Rupees to get more likes to our post ,we added the person to our friend’s list who are interested to get updated coupons and deals and make more promisable post so the the friends share the post on their timeline.

  1. Twitter:

We created a twitter page and we really didn’t know to add followers to our we started following members who are all interested in shopping and people started following us back and in less than 45 days we achieved 295 followers to our account and people started using our deals.

  1. Other social Media,

Like facebook and twitter ,we had our strong presence in google+,Instagram,Pinterest and we started making these social media networks very seriously and scheduled posts which creates always value to the user.

  1. Defining the Market,

To position yourself in a market ,you should define a market where you want to penetrate.Eventhough the market is very crowded with same type of concept.we differentiated us from giving always a updated coupon and clean user friendly website and showcasing on what customer wants.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

We selected a best seo plugin for updating our on page seo words and we used google keyword planner to select the high traffic but low competition keywords which in turn gave us organic traffic from google and also increases day after day from google

  1. Blogging:

We us a company we had our own inspirational story on the origin and we put that in a blogging and started to share with friends and others which made the story reach more than 10000 visitors in just 9 days and that is agreat breakthrough for our vistors coming in and using our deals and coupons

7.Email Marketing:

From day 1 we started collecting the email addresses from the user so that always a existing user will get te updated coupons and deals on hand daily and use it for their purchases and Bookings. – We care on your savings


Getting more traffic is possible when you have a defined set of mathematical approach.

Planning your seo activity is very important to get traffic to your website.  you can grow a new website to over 100,000 organic visitors per month in less than 1 year.


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How I came down from a 5 lakhs salary Per Month to Road and started

How I came down from a 5 lakhs salary Per Month to Road and started

Everyone wants to be happy and peaceful in life,but the life is fragmented to see both up’s and down’s throughout the life.I’m a solution architect by profession and travelled across the globe to provide consulting solutions for my client ,My monthly salary was 5 lakhs per month in a reputed software company in Dubai ,Life was smooth and enjoyable everyday. In 2015 my downfall started to happen , It was a sunny summer in Dubai in the Month of June .I started to work on my own Venture on a Online Fashion Marketplace model still ecommerce is a growing market in middle East region. With my experience with various clients and companies on Retail solution ,I designed my whole website architecture and layout .

We registered our company in Ajman free zone in UAE and the registration cost was very high .The UAE rule says ,to start a company ,a office space should be a mandatory one to run a business. We cannot run a business in garage or house like in India. I had spend nearly 15 lakhs rupees on company registration and office booking. Company was registered successful and that was a Wow moment having in my heart. That day I slept with a satisfaction that I’m living a meaningful life .

We started recruiting people for the various process. Initially it was started with 5 people. Graphic designer, Product upload analyst.seo executive and a digital marketing executive .We listed nearly 15000 products in 3 months of time .we started promoting the website and users started coming in to the website but sales conversion was very low. Perhaps with the limited fund I was able to run the company for 6 months and I was cornered to shut down the business .I lost my money,I lost my Job,I lost my car,I sold everything and finally I have to leave UAE and come back to India.

I could still remember my newly born son’s face that is the only console after my failures. I came to India and couldn’t able to work since I was mentally disturbed with failure. But I learned a lot from my failure which enabled me to start my next venture with limited fund from my mother. – We care on your Savings,

The name offerya was derived with a simple concept ,Offerya = Offer + Yes is an Online Marketplace platform for ,offers Deals and Coupons for everyone’s Online Purchases and Bookings. Offerya’s main motto is to save money on every purchase done by the online customers . We at Offerya updates promocodes, deals and offers regularly on hourly basis so that the users gets the most updated coupons and deals on time for their purchases. We likely to reduce most of the searching time for the users on the online purchase so that the user can select their deals directly and get benefited from Offerya. We enable most of the reputed brand deals and coupons for the user to directly select the online shopping portal and filter down the offers as they expected.

The lessons which triggered me to start are

  • People want more discount on their purchases so now you can see all coupons and deals from all ecommerce and online booking sites in India in
  • Time is the major factor so our current website minimizes users search time for a particular offer
  • User Interface – Our crystal clear user interface enables users to find offers in ease.
  • Giveaways and contests- User always wanted to participate in a contest so we have a contest page.

Now I’m happy that users started believing us and using our coupons and deals everyday.

My learned lesson in entrepreneurship journey ,failure is always part of life but coming out from that and making something on your own is interesting and challenging.Dare to dream always and pursue your dreams with confident.